What if we knew everything?

Looking back today.

I don’t get it, we spend all our time as young ones wishing to be older.
Playing innocent games of Mum’s and Dad’s and other endless amounts of games that reflect our future.
We want nothing more to be older in that second, to be mature like our parents, like people on t.v, like others we look up to.
How do we know that growing up means you can’t be careless any more, that your going to be judged on everything you do, that your intelligence now determines ones future and pain and heartache are going to be felt most days.
So what about now, what do I wish for now, now that I am older.
To be eighteen? To be legal?
Because right now I don’t want to be eighteen, eighteen scares me.
Eighteen means being an adult, I don’t think most people realise this, but I sure do.
Right now, I am sixteen, a teenager, and all of a sudden, at this moment, I have to chose what I will be doing for the rest of my life.
So forgive me in these last desperate moments if I want to be young, if I want to be free. Because this is the last chance I will get.
Once your in the real world, you only have yourself.



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