Camp gone wrong.


I just woke up from a night-mare.
It was one of those ones that you can’t decide between reality or state of mind.
My grade was at a school camp and through out the camp teachers would chose students and take their personal belongings from them. For some strange reason, in my dream, it was somewhat ‘cool’ to get your belongings taken off you. I was one of these people. My dream then switched to the end of camp. We were all packing up and leaving, there were three buses. The people who’s belongings had been taken of them were all on the same bus, the other two buses had already gone. We were called over to a table to get our belongings, I was looking everywhere for my phone but is wasn’t there, neither was anyone else’s, The belongings sitting in front of us were not ours. We tried to find our teacher to tell him that we couldn’t find our things, but we couldn’t find him, or anyone in fact. I then came up with a plan that if we used one of the fake phones to call my phone, mine might vibrate and we would be able to hear it. But all of the phones were out of service. Then for some apparent reason my parents came in to my dream, with this fixated look on their face, like they were drugged. My dad was on the phone, so I grabbed it off him and started calling my number. But he started coming for me, like charging for me. But Mum grabbed him and said. “Let her call, it won’t work, there is no service here.” I called anyway, and Dad walked away. I heard the vibrate, it was coming from under the table, I pulled the table upside down and realised that their was a secret compartment in the bottom. I got my phone, and called for the others to get theirs, but I heard no response, turning around I realised that they were gone, all of them. The only people left in the room was Mum and I. Something about her face it kind of looked like that picture above, but way worse and gross. She told me to run, that she was one of the good ones who helped save kids, so I did. But then she grabbed me and goes. “I’m only joking.” Then I woke up.

It doesn’t really sound that scary once I write it out, But god it was, the detail in mind, I just wish I could draw it.
This has made me so scared to go on camps now, my heart is racing.


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