Maybe tomorrow.

Things that made today good.

1. Danica, she’s such a beautiful girl, with such an enormous life ahead of her. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog, it means a lot to know that I made you happy as do you make me happy.

2. Lauren. I have been stressing over this Sociology exam, and to know that I am going out for lunch and milkshakes after woods couldn’t make me feel any better. I love Lauren and everything about her, she’s truly an inspiration.

3. E.T. That movie makes me feel so good about myself, it’s such a happy ending, I want an E.T, please?

4. Chocolate. I love it how when everything fails, food is there to pick me up, makes me so happy, except for the fact I’m getting fat, ew.

5. Renee’. I woke up to a beautiful message from her, and then checking her blog to see she had wrote about me, ah life is complete.

That is all. 🙂


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