Explosions in our hands.

Exams are over, I am jumping with joy, well at least in my mind I am.
Currently feeling it now, the absolute exhaustion after making myself so uptight for days at a time.

Went out for lunch after woods with Lauren and Megan, the way they make me feel is beyond words.
Milkshakes, Garlic Pizza (bad idea), Wedges and Carbonara Pasta, yum. Fair to say I enjoyed myself.
They give me this freedom, this carelessness, this immense happiness.
Walking away from them today, I had a smile on my face, something I probably lack a bit too much of these days.

Every minute, every second, every hour of the day
Every hour of the day
Everytime that I’m away
Missing You

Sweet lyrics, bad bad song, one of those ones that stick in your head for entire days.



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