Sail away.

Right now I want to go to my spot.
Sitting on the break wall, it looks a little like this.


I have this urge to go there, even though it is night fall, put my i-pod in and zone out, into the land of my thoughts.
Both my angel and devil thoughts.

One time when sitting in my spot, I looked across the break wall and there was a man there.
He was smoking cigarettes, one after the other, he looked sad, I had this urge to confront him, I get like that.
I was sitting in this spot for about two hours, the whole time I was there, he was there.
When I got up to leave, he got up to.
It didn’t strike me as strange, or whatever, I thought nothing of it.
But as I was walking across the beach, or skipping, or dancing, or drawing in the sand, whatever I may have been doing.
I turned back around to see the man sitting in my spot, exactly where I was, not facing the sea, but instead facing me.
Watching me be free and innocent on this beach. I don’t know why he did this, I think about it sometimes.
Maybe he wanted to see life through my eyes, sometimes I imagine him leaving the beach, dancing as I was.
I wonder what he was doing that day, I liked this man.


Op shopping fer sure on the weekend.


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