The future is just a fancier version of the past.

I experienced something on the bus tonight that I found so disgusting.
Two girls, mouthing each other, over a boy, because she slept with her boyfriend when they were going out.
Calling each other sluts, bitches and other dirty names, in front of innocent grade sevens and people that couldn’t care less.
Why blame the girl? What about the boyfriend?
That is always what I think, why blame the girl, she could be the innocent one.
Yeah probably not in this case.
But in other cases that I’ve seen/heard of.
The girl is always the one to get the blame, personally I think I would be more aiming it at my boy friend.
Possibly because he is supposed to love you and be faithful to you.
Whereas a single girl doesn’t care, she has no commitment to you, nothing to owe to anyone.
I get so agitated about things like this.

Today I made a day where you can tell people if they really annoy you.
I told a fair few people, sometimes saying this and getting it off my chest feels so good.
Like for example, someone told me that I was going to be in a foul mood tonight with my boyfriend.
I said I wasn’t but because she is so very opinionated she back mouthed me.
I said. “Your annoying me.”
Ah I felt so good.
Sometimes getting things off your chest, is the only way you can feel better.
I will try this more often.



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