No regrets, just love.

Non existent mind games.
Register who you are becoming, dislike.
But how to change when you’ve been like this for so long.
Self control.
Losing friends over love, never.
Teenage dreams tonight.
Minor regrets tomorrow always.
You and I, young forever.


“What’s so good about the bus any ways? Why do you love it so much?”

It’s where I first met you, It’s where I first got close to you.
Where I saw you for the last time that summer.
Then it is where I first discovered I liked you.
Where you first held my hand, and kissed it oh so delicately.
It’s where I see you every morning, and where I say goodbye to you each afternoon.
I can look at you, I can listen to you, I can love you.
With such familiarity.

-But most of all, it’s ours.”


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