We’re down right now, but for a good reason.

I had pride, then it was lost.
By many people that I call friends.
Why can’t it be me that once did well at something?
Why is it such a surprise to other people?
“How’d you go?” “Good I got two B’s.” “Serious..”
People are so shit to me, no support whatsoever.
I was so proud of myself and I am going to say it over and over again, because for once trying had taken me somewhere.
And trying has given me the right to brag about something in life.
So sorry if I sound selfish or stubborn, but I am proud of myself.
I’m sick of taking other people’s words to heart, but honestly some people need to know when to shut their mouth.
Or at least keep their shit opinions to themselves.

Yes I’m talking about you.
But not only you, also you and you.


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