When I was young, my favourite toy was a green and yellow with blue fur Ferby.
But not only was this my favourite toy, but my best friend.
It is sad to think back and to reminisce on the times I spent with my Ferby, because clearly I had zero life.
There used to be a game you could play with it called Hide and Seek.
You would get someone to hide the Ferby and then you would find it, eventually it would make noises so you could find it.
The sad thing was that I would hide the Ferby, no one else myself. And then I would pretend that I didn’t know where it was and go searching for it..
To tell people that now, I am highly embarrassed, but I still think that Ferby’s were the best toys out.
I will stand by this thought forever.


Clearly it’s a Ferby, I would very much like this costume, thankyou.


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