It’s written all over my face .

I spent the last two days in Hobart, I want to live there, and I nearly considered staying down there, because really what is holding me back?
The atmosphere is so laid back, but there is still that feeling of rush if that’s what you like.
Everything you want, in one place.
Beautiful sea views, restaurants of every kind, shops that actually sell worthwhile stuff, Tasmanian air, family.
I want to go to Uni in Hobart, and I want an apartment.
That I think will be my bright future possibly in two or three years.
But maybe the future will change, because there are things holding me in Ulverstone.
Okay one thing.
My lover.
If we are still together what happens if we don’t want to go the same way?
Do I then have to chose between my dreams or life without you?
That would be the hardest decision of my life, even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.
You could definitely say I am in love with B.
He sent gorgeous messages last night, made me long for his touch, but it reassured me he will always be there.
Ah, how glorious love can be sometimes.

“When you’re struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.”
Nicholas Sparks (Dear John)



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  1. I love how you talk about ol’ B-Boy here, makes me feel all mooshy.

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