Life, or something like it.

Today I realised that everyone is boring, that no one likes thrill, they will not go out of their comfort zone.
Many will stay like this, for the rest of their lives.

My blogs are shit, honestly zero inspiration, I cannot write good, why do I get over 30 views a day?

Short term goals for this week.

  • Learn how to braid.
  • Run on the treadmill every night.
  • No popcorn.
  • No Facebook on my phone, is not a necessity.
  • Finish my Crime Fiction novel for English.
  • Do not sook to get attention.
  • Buy the rest of Tegan’s birthday present.
  • Eat lots of banana’s.
  • DRIVE.
  • Fill out application for Harris Scarfe.
  • Drink lots of water for healthiness.
  • Stay off the computer a bit.
  • Tolerate people at school more.
  • Early nights.


I have already been looking for ball dresses for next year, how beautiful would it be to find a vintage one, like this.

Max's dream comes true when Roxanne agrees to a date with him.

Apparently this is Brad and me, how I love this boy and his beautiful imagination.
I wonder if he still reads these blogs?


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  1. dudee, post the ‘brad’ pic again?? i cant see 🙂

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