Told you I’m not bullet proof .

Rain is soothing when laying in bed.

I wish I was still the flute girl, I should have kept playing.
It’s probably the only thing, I got, just like that, the only thing that I didn’t have to work oh so hard for.
Truth is, I miss that musical flare.
Lately I feel blah, rigged of talent, longing of exploration.
But no one is willing to take me to a different place.
Everyone likes it where they are, but I don’t I hate it, I want to go places, I want to do things.
Fuck sitting still, fuck being the same.
I want to be wild and free, sitting still, being nothing, is making me depressed.
Not one utter of a lie.
That is why I have such high ambitions on ‘the list’ because it gives me something to look forward to.
Something to live my life.
Instead of just sitting still, day after day.

When will I stop raving, and start writing again?
Here’s another picture, cause we all know I love these.
So predictable.



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