Understatements .


It isn’t like that but I’m sorry, oh how my thoughts get me in trouble.

$116 raised.
I am proud, makes me happy.
Gosh some people are rude though.
A simple “No thank you.” Would be fine.
Instead I receive “Why, how is it honestly going to help?”
I can’t stand this arrogance.
And it gets me into the same rave that I have recited every time.
One Billion people is a lot of people in hunger, I just don’t get it how some people can be so inhumane and not care.
Selfishness gets to me sometimes.
It’s not that I resent the people that don’t give me a donation.
It’s just the way they go about it.

I am so over this election, hurry up and vote.
Urgh, I can’t feel my hands again, I hate it when this happens.


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