She needs wide open spaces .

I was a heavy heart to carry, my feet dragged across the ground, and he took me to the river, where he slowly let me drown.

Currently famining.
Not struggling the slightest bit, for all you non believers out there.
Although I would kill for a toasted sandwich? Rare crave.
Stop thinking about food!
Last night was beautiful, I had not spent quality time with B in a week and a half.
Snuggling in bed and nearly falling asleep in his arms, perfection.
I want nothing more to be there forever, in that moment of time.
Receiving a text from my best friend “What happened to us Ellie”
Made reality flood back to me.
I guess have a rejected a lot of people in my life lately, even the most important.
I haven’t been there for him, and now the worst thing that maybe all of us saw coming has happened.
I will be there, for always, as we promised each other.
Because your friendship is the most valuable.
Also Received a letter, some chewing gum to ‘kiss some hottie’ and a beautiful black bow from Leti!
How I miss this girl, I have already finished the letter to send to her.
Oh how life is being good to me.
I am hoping things will stay like this.


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