Lovely in captivity .

Sometimes: I wish I lived in NYC.
No one realizes: How hard it is to make everyone happy.
I am so: Content.
People think: That they are so good, when in fact they are fake.
Last night I: Snuggled with my boyfriend and fell more in love.
It is hard to believe: That I’m nearly finished this school year.
I’ve realized that: You can’t trust many people these days.
More than before: Friends are the most important people.
Obviously: You can’t always get what you want.
I can not stop: Thinking about eating in an hour.
Nothing matters if: Your by my side.
All I want is: To be happy with my life.
Without even thinking: I panic.
It is clear to me that: There are a lot of bad people in the world.
I don’t know: A lot of things of late.
The only way: Is to look forward.
It’s hard to tell: What people are thinking.
The only person: Who’s always been there, is slowly slipping away.
It kills me that: I have to become a adult.
If I were: Less restricted, maybe I’d have more thrills.
It is not that I: Don’t want to be your friend any more, it’s just I’m exhausted from pleasing.
If someone said: I believe in you, I wouldn’t believe it.
My life: Lucky.
One thing I know is: I have a beautiful family.
I would never: Intentionally hurt someone.
I can not stand: Litterbug’s, Homophobic s and Cheaters.
I’m sick of: Fake people everywhere.
I’m afraid of: Losing you.
The best: Feeling is having you love me.
It’s weird that: People love to gossip so much.
I do not have enough: Motivation.
I need: To eat, half an hour to go.
I love: My loyal friends.
I tried: To please everyone.
I am starting to: Realise I will never make everyone happy.
For some reason: I look really skinny.
I should: Focus more at school.
I cant: Decide where to go.
Tomorrow: I want to be with Indea.
I cant wait until: Summer.
I miss: MB, HR, AD, MS.
I always: Fuck up.
My friends: Are great but oblivious.
Parties: I crave.
It seems like: Your not trying anymore.
I dread: Drifting away from you.
School: Bores me.
The best food: Is skittles.
Eventually: I will know who I want to be.
Everyday: I shall be a better person
Everything: Will be okay.

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