I don’t understand all the figures and facts .

If your life ended right now, could you honestly say you had no regrets. No


We barely talk any more, and you know what the saddest part is?
We used to talk everyday, without a doubt, no matter what.
This could be my fault yes, but not all.
I cannot and will not be blamed for everything.
I will admit that I have been the worst friend to you lately.
I don’t know what’s come over me.
We need to talk, but blogging and texting about all our problems won’t get us anywhere.
So this is where this ends.

Tonight at my cousins 18th, when speeches were being made I nearly cried.
Looking around on opposite sides of the room, were two best friends, now never to be called that again.
Growing up, I always wanted to have a best friend like them.
They did everything together, and didn’t have anything between them.
They were inseparable.
What happened? I can’t even remember.
But being there tonight, remembering everything in the past, seeing what is becoming of the future.
I got scared, I wanted to go up to Renae and just hug her.
Because I didn’t want to let her go, I didn’t want that to happen to us.
I already feel myself drifting away from the most important person in my life.
I love you. 😦


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