Just the way you are .

Am I an over thinker?
Because I seem to think that everyone’s annoying
My family are constantly nagging at me.
And my relationship is going bad.
But is that what is really happening, or am I just getting every problem and turning it into something that isn’t even real.
Like are my friends really annoying me, or is it just that I cannot tolerate people at this moment in time?
Are my family actually trying to help me, push me for my own good?
And is my relationship problems just being blown way out of proportion because of lack of attention?
Fact is, that I really should stop blaming my own negativity on other people and instead stand up and say.
“I’m the one in the wrong.”

  • I’m the one that pushed you away in the first place.
  • I’m the one that took my anger out on my family because I didn’t get the job that I thought I had such a high chance of getting.
  • I’m the one that pick and chooses when I will acknowledge some people.
  • I’m the one that chose to be in this relationship.
  • I’m the one still sitting here making excuses to why everyone is ‘against’ me.
  • I’m the one that does nothing with my life.
  • I’m the one that’s going to get fat because I eat so much junk.
  • I’m the one that is in love.

I am the one that will still always blame everything on everyone else.
Because I am selfish and I have a feeling this quality will be staying with me, for a long time.


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