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September 9, 2010

Lara new blog is:

I think I like it better, but i’ve had this one for sooo long.
hahaha, as if this is a big deal.


Employment .
September 8, 2010

I have a job, finally.
It was very, very slow coming.
You are now reading the works of a new waitress at Lancaster House.
I am excited, lovely people, lovely place.
I think I am so lucky.

I started a new blog today, on blog spot.
I don’t know whether to give this one up or not?
Ah! Decisions.


Fall, on me .
September 8, 2010

That’s what makes me sad: Life is so different from books.
I wish it were the same: Clear, logical, organised.. Only it isn’t

Baby, I’m porcelain .
September 7, 2010

I love those talks with your parents, the ones that make you cry but also make you realise.
Today from a two hour talk I got angry, possibly changed my career path open-mindedly,  realised I am still a kid and that I am so lucky to have the parents that I do.
Fact is I get what I want most of the time, and that my parents are pretty lenient, I wouldn’t want them any other way. The only reason they do say no is because they care and I should start respecting that instead of sooking for things that are unreasonable.
I am so lucky to have the life I do.

Tonight I looked at a different aspect to my future.
I don’t want to strive for Uni any more, yes it would be great to have the opportunity to go but with the marks that I am getting I have to be realistic.
I’m going to stop worrying about points, if I don’t get enough, I don’t get enough, it’s as simple as that.
I will move on and find something that I enjoy.
I mean what’s the point if all of this is just making me sad and stressful?
I want to laugh at myself for not seeing this earlier.
My parents are proud of me, and with that, I am proud of me.

I am so happy.

Thank you, everyone for putting up with my simple some what bipolar behaviour.


She was a feather on the ground and he was the sun. Burning her.

Guns Plains .
September 6, 2010

I realised I missed that place today.
Sitting in the back of your car, looking at the pristine sight in front of me made me sigh.
The memories.
I wonder if you think about the past?
I think we are all a bit above ourselves to go back to being young and careless.
It’s all over now, whether we try to fix it or not..

Australia Day .
September 5, 2010


I put a spell on you .
September 5, 2010

Your friend says you’ve changed, I don’t want to be the person to change you. Well at least not in a bad way, Oh this is worrying me.

You said today you wanted me to explain my blogs to you, fuck I got scared.  I can’t do that, they are just thoughts after all? What is written down really hasn’t got anything else behind it..

Fathers day, sometimes I wish these days weren’t here. It’s stupid how it takes one day to be grateful for my dad. Why not everyday? That’s something I should learn.

It feels so good to know that tomorrow is Monday and I do not have to get up and go to that dreadful place. I like it, of course I do, it’s just lately I don’t want to be there. Probably the massive work load?

A walk in the morning? Yes please.

Sunday .
September 4, 2010


And only she can set him free..

These are a few of my favourite things .
September 3, 2010

“I didn’t notice you were here.” “That’s alright, Nobody ever does.”

Dear Boyfriend,

Despite everything, I have fallen in love with you. You’ve bought that something out of me that I thought would be hidden for quite a long time. A lot of things amaze me about you, how strong a person you are, how you would do anything for me, how much faith you have in us and how you fought so hard for me. We are far from the perfect couple, but this doesn’t faze me, because I know that you are the one I want to be with, now and for a long time in the future. Knowing that your my boyfriend, but still let me have my independence makes me appreciate you so much more. Moving from my friend, to my best friend and now my boyfriend was hard for me. I never wanted to lose you because I know that I can’t not have you in my life. Conquering that fear has led me to a better place and despite everything, I have fallen in love with you.

Dear you,

I called you ‘you’ because I don’t know what you are to me. You were one of my best friends, but as of late I don’t know. We have past, did that finally catch up with us because it was too hard? I don’t know what your thinking, what your doing, why your with her? You haven’t even told me her name, but of course I found out through Facebook. I remember the message you sent, it was inappropriate but I loved how you sent it. Were you talking to her then as well? Was she the one you really smiling at? It doesn’t faze me that you’ve moved on, it’s a good thing, it’s obvious that I don’t want you like that. But the fact that you’ve shut me out like this, ignored me. It just makes me think, was he actually lying to me? Was I just a girl to talk to when he no one else? You’ve put me on the ground and stomped on me.

Up, Up, Up .
September 3, 2010

Today was fantastic.
Lunch time receiving Giant Buttons.
Mucking round with my much loved friends.
Gloating about Falls, and actually being able to join in.
Bus with Michael and Kiira.
Trivia night with Bradley, his mum, and friends.