Baby, I’m porcelain .

I love those talks with your parents, the ones that make you cry but also make you realise.
Today from a two hour talk I got angry, possibly changed my career path open-mindedly,  realised I am still a kid and that I am so lucky to have the parents that I do.
Fact is I get what I want most of the time, and that my parents are pretty lenient, I wouldn’t want them any other way. The only reason they do say no is because they care and I should start respecting that instead of sooking for things that are unreasonable.
I am so lucky to have the life I do.

Tonight I looked at a different aspect to my future.
I don’t want to strive for Uni any more, yes it would be great to have the opportunity to go but with the marks that I am getting I have to be realistic.
I’m going to stop worrying about points, if I don’t get enough, I don’t get enough, it’s as simple as that.
I will move on and find something that I enjoy.
I mean what’s the point if all of this is just making me sad and stressful?
I want to laugh at myself for not seeing this earlier.
My parents are proud of me, and with that, I am proud of me.

I am so happy.

Thank you, everyone for putting up with my simple some what bipolar behaviour.


She was a feather on the ground and he was the sun. Burning her.


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