It’s funny how some people trigger my emotions.

Tonight, I went to a leavers dinner.
I saw people I’ve grown up with, grown up.
I also felt something, like a pang of jealousy for seeing some people.
One who used to be in my life, nothing big, but something, something that is no longer there.
Something happened, I don’t know what, but it’s got the stage where we ignore each others existence.
I don’t like being like this towards you.

I am confronting you about this tomorrow.

I saw a lot of things in people tonight.
Things, I haven’t really realised before.
Emotions are over whelming.

Things are so special when you are passionate about something, and want it so much.
I saw Bradley today.
It had been a long time, too long.
Long enough for me to be worried about what I looked like and nervous in his presence.
Time, does things to us.
Good and bad.
Talking to him one second, and the next him him shushing me and kissing me passionately.
I was over powered by love for him, and somewhat newly attracted.
Tonight was an amazing night, and tomorrow will be too.
We have dinner reservations, for two.

Romance, how I love you.


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