1. Made a snowman.
2. Had a snowball fight.

3. Made a snow angel.
4. Been sledding.
5. Been snowboarding.
6. Been skiing.
7. Been surfing.
8. Been wind-surfing.
9. Been fishing.
10. Been swimming.
11. Bungee jumped.
12. Sky dived.
13. Jumped off a high diving board.
14. Been to 2 or more countries.
15. Made 5 or more surveys.
16. Graduated.
17. Been to prom.
18. Kissed someone.
19. Been in a relationship that lasted more than a year.
20. Had sex.
21. Done drugs.
22. Drank alcohol.
23. Smoked a cigarette.
24. Mooned someone.
25. Flashed someone.
26. Stayed up all night.
27. Had surgery.
28. Lost someone to death.
29. Moved more than 2 or more states/provinces away from your hometown.
30. Been tanning.
31. Are/ going/gone to college/university.
32. Written a poem.
33. Written a short story.
34. Written a novel.
35. Bit someone.
36. Slapped someone.
37. Punched someone.
38. Kicked someone.
39. Made someone cry (due to emotional or physical pain).
40. Experienced a parents divorce.
41. Moved out.
42. Snuck out.
43. Sucked helium.
44. Played with fire.
45. Stolen something from a store.
46. Stolen something from a friend/family member.
47. Stolen something from school/work.
48. Started your period at a place with no tampons/pads.
49. Been so embarrassed you turned red.
50. Been to a theme park.
51. Been to an exhibition.
52. Been to a butterfly conservatory.
53. Been to the zoo.
54. Been on an airplane.
55. Been on a train.
56. Been on a bus.
57. Ridden a bike.
58. Ridden a motorcycle.
59. Skateboarded.
60. Rollerbladed.
61. Ice skated.
62. Owned a cat.
63. Owned a dog.
64. Owned a lizard.
65. Owned a spider.
66. Owned a bird.
67. Owned a farm animal.
68. Owned a pet not mentioned.
69. Touched a stingray.
70. Felt as though you were going to actually die.
71. Experienced a tough break-up.
72. Been cheated on.
73. Cheated on someone.
74. Had a threesome.
75. Had a foursome.
76. Been with someone of the opposite sex.
77. Masturbated.
78. Given oral.
79. Received oral.
80. Received anal.
81. Gone bowling.
82. Been to a movie theater.
83. Babysat someone.
84. Took care of someone’s pet.
85. Been scared by a movie or game.
86. Received a prank phone call.
87. Prank called someone.
88. Gotten into a physical fight with one or both of your parents.
89. Gotten into a physical fight with a best friend.
90. Cried for more than an hour straight.
91. Been scared to answer the phone.
92. Waited for a phone call for more than 3 hours.
93. Gotten a piercing.
94. Gotten a tattoo.
95. Posted naked pictures of yourself online or sent them to someone online.
96. Looked at naked pictures of someone else online.
97. Had phone sex.
98. Had cyber sex.
99. Bought someone a gift they didn’t like.
100. Been given a gift you didn’t like.



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