I whisper goodbye..

I wrote a letter the other day. A letter that personally needed to be written to take a big weight off my shoulder, a weight that had been there for such a long time. A weight that really shouldn’t have been there in the first place. You see this letter was to an old friend of mine, a old friend I have nothing to do with anymore, a old friend that I needed to apologise to. I wrote to her, saying thank you, and then I wrote to her saying sorry. Sorry for ditching the best friend I’ve ever had, Sorry for treating her with such disgrace that it makes me sick thinking about it, Sorry for a lot of things. Thank you for showing me that I did have one true friend in my life, Thank you for being that person. Whether we were meant to be friends in the end or not, I felt obliged to write something, wish her luck in the future.

The hardest part now, is sending that letter.  Maybe it will just stay in that draw forever.

I have a lot of jealousy coming out in me, why am I so protective of you?
Maybe that means something..
But I can’t do anything because you are not my property, and you are untitled to spend time with whoever you please.
But seriously, them?
Why do you have to hit so close to home?
Sometimes I wish you would read this, I’ve wrote about you multiple times.
I wish you would pick up on the parts about you.
The things I am so scared to say to your face.
I wish you would subconsciously know that they are about you, and care so much to mention it to me.


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