waste, whine.

This is our time to shine.
We are young.
We have so much freedom.
Yet we sit here and mope.

About boys.
About school.
About the future.
About petty little problems.
But these things are somewhat unimportant, when we have so much a head of us.

I remember being little, spending everyday outside, rain, hail or shine. Nothing stood in the way of me and the outdoors. I never go outside anymore.
I remember primary school, playing chasings every recess and lunch, being careless and free. I never had any drama in my life. I am forever in the middle of confliction.

So much has changed, in really such a short amount of time.

I am sixteen years old.
And yet I am acting as though I am 21.
Why do times have to change, why can’t every sixteen year old actually act sixteen.

I’m too young for myself.


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