The other day something special happened. We were laying on my bed, gazing into each others eyes.
When as instinct I said “I love you.”
But what made this moment so special, was the fact that at the exact same time that I said it, he said it too.
It was somewhat awkward, but gave me a rush of butterflies through my body.
We smiled our goofy smiles, and laughed our goofy laughs.
And then reminisced on how important that moment was to us.

Being in love is an incredible feeling, something I wouldn’t give up easily.

I haven’t had much inspiration lately.
People seem to be letting me down a lot.
When I really needed them the most.
I’ve been thinking about my birthday a lot, and what I want.

I want good people in my life.
I want a warm hug, and soft kisses from the boy I love.
I want letters on why I am important.
I want something homemade.
I want a list.
I want something sentimental to me and that person.
I want smiles, and happiness.

I don’t want something expensive, I want something well thought about, and meaningful.

Too much expectations? haha.

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