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Does you inspire you?
March 26, 2011

Just like you said.
Last night was an eye opener..



I was enchanted to meet you..
March 23, 2011

It aches inside, small things that go straight to the heart and make it feel like it could never beat again. Tears run down your face when everything doesn’t go to plan. Every part of you wants to die thinking about him leaving. You doubt his love for you constantly, claiming yours is stronger.

Love is hard, love is so fucking hard.
But it’s worth it, to hold his eyes with mine and know he loves me back.
It’s so bloody worth it.

I want it forever.

Soldier On.
March 20, 2011

Today was such a total shit day.
School gets me down.
Especially with them showing off..

But seeing him at the end of the day.
Him grabbing me by the small of my back, smiling.
Makes everything so much better.

Silence on the way home, but holding hands when we can.
Kiss me. Oh it’s really happening.
I Love you, I Love you more.

It’s one year next week, but it’s not the anniversaries.
It’s about every moment with you.

I’m obsessed, but not overly obsessed.



March 19, 2011

Your not you anymore, but then again were you ever?


March 18, 2011


Stop falling.
March 16, 2011

When I was little my Nan used to comb my hair. It was always a battle, something I loathed with a passion. You see my hair is long, destined to be a tangle. She used to attack me with the comb and rip chunks out at a time.

Today I bought a comb, It’s the first time since I was little. I’ve sat pulling it through my hair for hours. One side silky smooth, thats just the way it is. The other side fizzy, thicker than the other.

This again isn’t relevant.
But is in a way?

This year I am doing Psychology. We are learning about memories.
Isn’t it funny how you recall memories all the time.
That memory just from looking at a comb.

As I look around this room at various objects I start to test myself with memories.

A dress in my cupboard I wore to my recently passed birthday, a country road bag my cousin bought for my birthday a bag everyone now has, a picture of my pop and nan so many happy times together, dance trophies that time I didn’t quite get my skirt off in time, notes on the back of my door from Leti how she made me laugh..

It goes on.

What triggers memories.
When I think of memories I always think of the same few.

My first Nokia phone, with snake in year eight.
How I used to shave my legs behind my Mum’s back.
6 months.

Three unexplained, unconnected memories?


March 11, 2011

“a little bird moves a mountain of sand one grain at a time it picks up one grain every million years and when the mountain has been moved the bird puts it all back again and that’s how long eternity is and that’s a very long time to be dead”

I remember when I was little and sick my mum and dad let me put the TV in my room.

Not even a relevant thought, but I miss being young.
I don’t even want to be eighteen..

March 8, 2011

I don’t know what to give up for lent.

March 3, 2011

One year today since you left us, left her.
I wonder if you looked down and saw me cry.
The lump in the throat is so familiar,  I miss you.

I can’t bring you back, but I can tell you I love you.
Memories with you will never fade.

Look over nan, I know her time is nearly at an end.
Make my mum laugh, shes going through to much.
Make dad support us all.
Help me to understand, help us all understand.

Please be my guardian angel.


March 1, 2011

Today we drove.

The first time together, we didn’t go anywhere just drove.
Wind in our hair, music up loud.

It’s a bit of freedom we finally have.

I can’t stop falling in love, with this amazing person.