Special words.

These are a collection of things I came across today that reminded me of a few things, Enjoy.

In my wardrobe I have a desk and on the wall of this desk I have a collection of sticky notes that I get my friends to write for me. This is one from my boy friend, before we started going out. It means a lot to me, too bad he wrote it on the wrong side, but you can identify it as the one with the love heart on the front.

I was given this fortune from Saxon, it stayed in my locker for the entire year last year. It now has a new home beside my bed, It somewhat inspires me. And I have Saxon to thank for that, so Thank you.

This is from Year nine, cooking. It was when me and Kiira were closest. I miss these times.

It wasn’t even Christmas but Tegan and I found some cards so we decided to write each other some. This is the one that I received, It means a lot.

For my sixteenth birthday this year, I received this card from Indea. It just makes me so happy, that pictures remind’s me of us. I remember running around at Indea’s old house catching butterflies with her net, Playing with her barbie’s, whispering secrets in the cubby house, Watching Mary Kate and Ashley videos, being careless little children. This girl, will always be my little sister. I love you Indea Alice Pearce.

I forgot about you until today. I was Ruth Taylor’s sponsor child but obviously from this letter a lot more. I looked at her like she was my guardian angel, she bought me the most gorgeous teddies, oh how I adored them. I wonder where she is now.

This is a birthday card from my brother when I was 15. It was my first birthday without him by side, I remember bawling when I read this,  then being embarrassed because my two best friends were sitting there with me. But it means a lot to me, it has humour, but it also has meaning. I miss you.


2 Responses

  1. Ell baby.
    You deserve so much more.
    You deserve life to glow around you.
    You remind me of a fairy.
    One of those beautiful ones, that shirley barber draws.
    You make my life beautiful.

  2. That fortune cookie tasted terrible. It was like eating a chunk of plastic, with icing sugar on the outside. Seriously, cookie making is not a skill that asians are born with. Yet their wisdom is priceless.

    Gosh, the years have flow by. It feels like a few months ago when you lead me to our new homeroom, which smelt like B.O. and a gas leak.

    Look at us Elb. How we’ve grown.

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