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the pressure
July 29, 2009

nothing is bothering me as much as the pressure thats being pushed on my these days! yes i know i am in year ten so i therefore have to figue out what i want to be in life but come on give me some time it’s only july for gosh sake. i have a fair idea i guess 😐 haha nah i’m pretty keen on the social services side of work and phychology sounds pretty good, i’m all into the whole “helping people” thing i guess i just want to make this world a better place by doing the little things that i can. i’m sick again! like honestly how many times can one person get sick in winter it is arse. mmm arsehole headache you poo jabber.

jungle drums
July 28, 2009

hio. i am exhausted and should be in bed but if obv i’m not.
okay so i feel a bit like a deglected bestfriend honestly, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG. i hateeee this.
anyways from today it is exactly 36 days untill i go to my beautiful unit in Queensland, heat is offically calling me and i can’t wait to spend over two weeks with nae cause i sure do miss her yeso i do.
& one last thing i still like him aghhhhhhhhh, stop it heart! night 😐

July 27, 2009

well wow, so i now have a laptop since lastnight and it is so exciting just typing away here ahh!
hahaha, anyways i dont even know how to use it but i guess i will learnz.
goodnight bruv, x

July 17, 2009

.. i just want to caress the world. 🙂

music is the key to my soul
July 17, 2009

mwahahahahahha. i am in a crazy mood yes. mm, mum made the meanest self saucing pudding yesterday for when all the girls came over and i am craving some more but i’ve already had some today so i don’t want to be a fatty and have some more. BUT TOMORROW I WILL NOM NOM NOM ON IT ALL DAY!! oh god i crack myself up. i want to see harry potter omg omg omg omg omg take me someone because i am craving a bit of dobby. i am so glad we have this mid term break because i am sleep deprived atm, and i am going to launceston shopping on monday how exciting for me.!!!!!!!!! anyways goodnight i love you all. whoever takes the time to read my dribble god bless.

and i am loving the kate voegele version of hallelujah.
get about it guys. xxxxxxxxxx

July 13, 2009

what can i say? when my two favourite people in the world, the two friends that have been bestfriends since they were born are not friends anymore.. it tears my heart up, i know people change and shit but i’m not one to except that in this case. i don’t know what to do? i know i will now be bought into this and be forced to choose and how is gods name do i do that? oh please, make it all stop. ):

it’s all over now
July 12, 2009

six degrees is offically over. and i am really sad, because it has really been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. everyone in it is just amazing and i have become so close with people that i never thought i would be friends with. aw, everyone is so sweet and funny and a whole big bundle of fun & love.

July 10, 2009

a day at home in pj’s at 3:57 is the way to go when your supposed to be at school.
haha. i’m awesome yes, but now i have to shower and get ready for the second show of six degrees woo yeah.
goodbye dear friends.

hey maddi.
July 8, 2009

she’s reading my blogs, so yeah hey i love you.
all i can say is life is amazing at the moment, and so keen for tomorrow.

six degrees. 007-1

mighty fine cheerleaders i must say 😉

michael jackson.
July 6, 2009

ahhh, he is amazing really. i am watching his last concert on t.v at this moment. IT’S AWESOME. billie jean is my fav!
you know what i really wish that i could sing, it would be awesome. 🙂
woooooo, happy and excited for production THREE DAYS! so keen.
whoever is reading this i sure hope you are coming to watchd it.
SIX DEGREES on july 9, 10 & 11!