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sunshine on a rainy day
March 31, 2010

wow. my hand really hurts at the moment.
you know when you watch a show like today tonight or something and it brainwashes you into thinking that theres something seriously wrong with you, or your going to get a sexual predator on the internet. well i watched this snippet of Sunday or something like that and this girl had paralized hands from texting, and everytime i text now it hurts. it just makes me a little scared for my poor hands safety. damn it why do i watch it. but it’s worse when my mum watches it and then has “the lecture” about not talking to people i don’t know on the internet etc. it makes me laugh. today was fantastic.


March 30, 2010

it’s our date nowww.
i like you boyfriend.
Happy Birthday Sam!

sometimes tears say all there is to say.
March 28, 2010

i dislike your noseyness, your opinions, your “jokes” and how you always think your right.
i also don’t like how your one of  the reasons someone won’t do things with me. 
although, that shouldn’t stop them.
Adelaide please. Devonport is getting old.
i’m thinking about exchange.

watch the dogs gather
March 28, 2010

i miss my pop, alot.
i have faith.

reach out to you, touch my hand
March 27, 2010

Do I have permission to say that I enjoyed my weekend?
I’m so confinded to what I can do these days, I feel trapt in a little cage.
You say you miss me,  but then don’t want me.
So i had a good weekend. I love being with my friends.
Addison, Leti, Morgan, Chloe, Seedy Man, Indea, Grade Nine’s, Basketball, Birthday Cake, Breath of Life, Presents, Macas at 8:30 in the morning, Bianca’s “Makeover”! 
They make an enjoyable weekend.
Fail on the diet hehe.

This man chased me and Chloe at Breath of Life wanting a photo.
I cried. Possibly the biggest seed I know.
Actually. Yes the biggest seed 😉

gravity is pulling you in, cause the earth won’t stop spinning.
March 24, 2010

flawless drawings of beauty.

no dark, no day, i’m always in this twilight.
March 23, 2010

i’ve started healthy eating today.
it won’t work out, but i want to see how long i go before i cave.
give myself a day. 🙂
foods so good. it’s the love of my life.

heheheehhee. he has the cheese!

somethings scratching it’s way out, something you wouldn’t forget about.
March 22, 2010

1234 tell me that you love me more.

1. to whom it may concern.

i like the way you look at me.

2. to whom it may concern.

you are the bestfriend i’ve ever had.

3. to whom it may concern.

i miss your smile, your laugh, your singing.

4. to whom it may concern.

i’m slipping away from you and i hate it.

5. to whom it may concern.

i trusted you with alot, we had so many good times. whats happening to us?

6. to whom it may concern.

i am so glad your in my life right now, you make everyday a good day.

7. to whom it may concern.

your a stupid bitch, the way you treat other people should be felt by you for once.

8. to whom it may concern.

i will love thee baby sister forever, favourite person ever.

9. to whom it may concern.

i wish we were friends, atleast.

10. to whom it may concern.

treat her right, cockhead.

11. to whom it may concern.

i think your slightly limp wristed haha.

12. to whom it may concern.

your a massive inspiration.

13. to whom it may concern.

i’m so proud of what you’ve become, never be afraid to be yourself.

14. to whom it may concern.

don’t leave!

15. to whom it may concern.

what happened to love?

16. to whom it may concern.

i’m over you, and it feels fantastic.

17. to whom it may concern.

think about your actions your hurting alot of people.

18. to whom it may concern.

wetties. ❤

19. to whom it may concern.

family. stick together, you’ll always be there.

20. to whom it may concern.

you are the sun in my shine. i want you to be my bestfriend. you pull me closer to love..

which one is you? you’ll never guess. (:

if i try and i fall.
March 18, 2010

I can’t think straight. Please give me hand, please just take my hand.

Protected: ment to be together, ment for no one but each other, you love me i love you harder.
March 18, 2010

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